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Are you thinking about starting a business? Then you’re also thinking about building a website. If you’re thinking about building a website, you should be thinking about choosing a web host.
New businesses starting out usually don’t have a big budget. Luckily, there are plenty of free website hosting options available to fledgling entrepreneurs.

What should you consider when looking for a free web hosting service?

•    Advertising. Does the web host rely on advertising to pay their bills? If they don’t, that may be a caveat: without ad revenue, there is a substantial risk the host might close down. If they use advertising, you want to check what type – for example banners, pop-ups, or frames – and decide if you’re comfortable with that.

•    Amount of web space. Most sites use less than 5 MB, even sites that have multiple pages. But usage will vary depending on how many pictures your site will contain, and whether you will include sound files and video clips.

•    FTP access. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. If the hosting site does not support secure FTP, you will be limited to the host’s own online site builder. This is usually adequate fro beginners, but you may outgrow it quickly as your needs and requirements change.

•    File type and size limits. Some free web hosting sites limit the size of images you can upload, or allow only HTML or GIF/JPG files.

•    Reliability and speed of access. Both are important. If the site goes down, you lose business. If your site is slow to load, your potential customer will lose patience and surf on. Consider trying the site out yourself by visiting both during peak and non-peak hours.

•    PHP and/or Perl. Along with JavaScript, PHP and Perl are the most common programming languages. If you want your site to perform some more advanced functions, you need a web host that supports these programming languages.

•    Bandwidth allotment. Some web hosting sites limit the amount of traffic your website can use per day and per month. As a rule, 100 MB per month won’t be enough for anything but your personal website, but 1-3 GB should be enough for a simple business site to start out with.

As you begin to learn your way around the various web hosting options available to you, you might find that the free options no longer suit your needs. But while you’re learning, free might be the way to go. The professionals in the field can usually make recommendations as to which free web hosting services offer the best options, but you might want to start by checking out Heliohost, Youhosting, Serversfree, Myownfreehost, or X10hosting.

By building your website, and publishing it using a free web hosting service, you will begin to discover what your needs are. Do you need a dedicated email server for an eNewsletter? Do you need a member sign-in function?
A lot of this can be done for free. And once you find you’ve outgrown the realm of free hosting, you will have all the knowledge you need to choose wisely among the paid hosting options that are out there.

Although now that Cloudfinder backs up our data

CloudfinderMy twin sister and I are so different, it's hard to believe we're even related, let alone identical twins! I've always been messy and spontaneous, whereas Marie is neat and methodical. I'm always losing, misplacing, and forgetting things. Marie keeps calendars and to-do-lists.

Given our different personalities, we get along amazingly well, not only as roommates but as coworkers.
Last week, I stumbled across something that got Marie really excited: Cloudfinder! It's a cloud backup service that offers so much more than just data backup and protection.
I told Marie about them, and she went into research mode immediately.

Even through the piles of clutter on my desk, I could tell she liked what she was reading.

With Cloudfinder, you can have an unlimited number of users, which is great, since the company we work for is in major expansion mode.
They also provide training and 24/7 support, which honestly is what sold me on them in the first place. I'm severely challenged when it comes to technology – I need cloud backup for dummies!

Both Marie and I like that there's more to Cloudfinder than just data backup. They not only store our data safely, they make sure we can easily search and access our data, even though we use a number of different cloud platforms – mainly Google apps and Office 365.

Marie signed us up for Cloudfinder's free trial, and it's working great. I can tell she's pleased. She no longer has to worry about computer crashes or viruses. That little worry wrinkle on her forehead is practically gone. Without it, I wonder how people are going to tell us apart.

Oh, I know! I'm the one with the messy desk!

Although now that Cloudfinder backs up our data, Marie seems to be looking at my clutter piles with that steely glint in here eye. It's only a matter of time before she'll come over and force me to get organized too.

Thanks a lot Cloudfinder!

With Cloudfinder’s online backup services, you will be satisfied

CloudfinderHi everyone! So I’m back from my cousin’s wedding in Montenegro and I’ve had the most amazing (and long) weekend. What a place!! Even if Liz and Srdjan had showed me pics before I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and when we got to the hotel I was in complete awe. The ceremony was sooo beautiful and I cried a river when a saw Liz in her dress, she was radiant, the most stunning bride ever.

Photos are hopefully coming soon so you can see for yourself, but at the moment I have this tiny problem (or at least I hope it is tiny). I brought my tablet and hard disk for the wedding so I could empty my camera card whenever I needed more space, however, this morning something seems to be wrong with my hard disk.

I’m not going to cry yet, because maybe a friend of mine can fix it, but if he can’t, I don’t know what to do. I have everything there, photos, music, work from Uni, everything! I’ve actually been looking into some online backup services, because if Kevin can’t fix it I will have to shoot myself… So far I have found some things that look promising, especially one Swedish company offering a 30-day free trial of their online backup service, but I don’t know.

They are called Cloudfinder, has any of you ever heard about them? They let you store all your things online in their ‘SafeHaven Vault’ and you can access it from everywhere and whatever computer. I don’t know, but it sounds good. But first, let’s hope Kevin can fix my hard disk (fingers crossed!!)

Tomorrow it’s back to reality and the coming two weeks will be really busy since my midterm essay has to be handed in by the 14th. But don’t you worry, I’ll make sure to squeeze in some love for the blog too.

Take care and have a lovely Sunday!

Office 365 Backup

Cloudfinder, Office 365 backupHi there! How are you all? Busy bees like me? Knowing that this month always is the most hectic one at work I tried to prepare myself, but it’s always the same. I’m knackered!
Today it was finally our turn to attend the Office 365-seminars and about time if you ask me, since I was getting pretty fed up with helping people out. Sounds horrible I know, but since we’re in the middle of the enrollment it is stressful as it is.

The seminars were good and I think the majority of the staff and professors grasped what the new system will mean for us and how it’s going to work. I did feel a bit sorry for the older crowd though (come on I work with archaeologists here…), and I know a lot of them are still very fond of their notebooks and calendars. As for me, I’m thrilled that were finally moving into the cloud. I’ve been fiddling around a bit with my computer here at home and it’s really amazing how these roaming setting works.

I just log in and I can access all my documents from here, just as a left them. The only thing that had me a bit worried was safety and data protection, but the lads over at IT told me that Office 365 has its own backup system and on top of it we’re are using a third-party backup service from another company called Cloudfinder, which encrypts info and store it in an online vault. I really like that, the idea of a vault and can almost picture it in my mind.

Other than technological updates and enrollments things are pretty much the same at work. Ever since it got confirmed that the skeleton in the car park was King Richard III, that’s all people are talking about. Some are actually thinking of writing more books. As for me, I find our new streaming Office much more interesting. But, as the saying goes – there is no accounting for taste.